Child Support Prosecutors and Professional Staff

As a child support enforcement prosecutor or support staff you are in a unique position to help and refer pregnant and parenting survivors. The way in which you approach these women and teens and the information you provide can have a profound effect on them and their children. Understanding the needs of survivors can actually make it easier to do your work.

Members of your professions developed these strategies to help you:

  • Address survivors’ concerns as they discuss child support with you
  • Pick up on subtle indicators of abuse and fear
  • Obtain appropriate training to enhance case development
  • Offer available exceptions to people who fear their abusive partners
  • Feel comfortable in making referrals to community partners

You may wish to start with the Overview for this Toolkit, and then move on to this section, which is specially designed to apply to child support professionals.

  • Introduction to this Section
  • Prepare
  • Train
  • Inform
  • Ask and Refer

Pregnant Survivors Practice Guidelines – Child Support Enforcement (pdf)